Judith Utter

Natural Art & Design

June in the Studio

- June 2021 -

Greetings ! I am back in the Studio from a lengthy hiatus. During Covid I spent a lot of my time working on the Artisan Bakery Fare painting. This piece was certainly an education for me. I gained much knowledge about different types of seeds. Included in this watercolor painting are Flax, Sesame, Pumpkin, Sunflower, Millet, Oatmeal, Nigella and Caraway. I also enjoyed the design aspect, colors, form and composition. Some of the bakery goods were actually painted from life, breads I purchased from the local farmers market. I included two botanicals: Flax and Sesame plants. I definitely took my time and enjoyed the process. I’ll be selling giclee prints here on the website under the Botanicals category. Check it out for a detailed look. After all, who doesn’t like bread whether eating or baking it!


This winter much time was spent looking at photos and participating in FaceTime with my son, daughter in law and their new child Olive. I finally was able to visit in May and early June. What a blessing ! My very first grandchild Olive is 10 months old. So bright, adorable and sweet. I’m happy to share a couple of photos of Olive here.



I’m busy with my raised bed vegetable garden too. I had an abundance of spinach due to a cooler spring in Maryland. I was able to share with neighbors and relatives and still have fresh salads every day.

Soon I’ll be starting my next piece. Unlike some artists I only prefer to work on one painting at a time. I have completed the initial research for two subjects I’m interested in trying. So I have to decide which I want to tackle first. I am very lucky that I don’t experience artists’ block. I’m quite the opposite and have tons of ideas and inspiration.

Until next time, have a fun summer catching up with family, friends, and beautiful places.