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In The Studio

- March 2020 -

In The Studio

“In The Studio” I’ll be sharing conversations about many facets of my art making. Topics such as how my studio space and set up helps my creativity, subjects I’m working on and how they relate to my natural environment, art events I attend or participate in, art materials and projects plus many other related topics.

My studio space in Maryland worked out to be quite a pleasant surprise.  I moved to Maryland from a much larger studio space in New York. Though I tried to plan ahead by drawing a diagram of how everything would fit in the new space and still allow for the work flow I desired, I couldn’t be sure of the outcome. Back in New York I made the decision to eliminate a few large cumbersome pieces of studio furniture. I sold a large custom made wooden flat file that I stored papers and prints in. I also let go of a wooden desk and a long wooden work table. So where would I store those papers and prints in my new studio? How would I replace the table top that held my close at hand materials? As you can see in the studio photo I purchased two Ikea Alex drawers for storage. The cart on wheels also from Ikea holds the materials I need on hand in the heat of the moment. I placed a 16 ” x 20 ” melamine board on top so I could have easy access.

The opposite end of my studio serves as gallery space, product storage and a research/ reading area. In New York I had a larger gallery space so to compensate I decided to use an art gallery hanging system by STAS. It is easy to change out framed pieces and use the full height of the wall.

Luckily, the wall opposite the window has two good sized closets for storage. In one closet I put five shelves the full width of the closet to house a variety of supplies including shipping materials, watercolor blocks, paper cutter and other odds and ends.

I hope you enjoyed reading my first entry to “In The Studio”.